Re-Defining DeFi

The Blindex protocol is Re-Defining DeFi (by Defying CeFi).

Completely disconnected from CeFi, Blindex is a new breed of a DeFi platform:

It's game-changing

We’re creating truly decentralized stables: pegged to your home currency, but collateralized by ETH & BTC (and other select, decentralized large-cap coins in the future).

It's fully inclusive

Currency-blindness means we allow anyone on the planet to enjoy financial freedom, without the need to hold USD or be exposed to FX fluctuations.

And It's unstoppable

We made sure it’s disconnected from any existing, centralized stables (so it can not be blacklisted, paused, censored, or otherwise affected by any centralized authority). Even our infrastructure layer is running on StackOS, the decentralized cloud.

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