Our Tokens

BDX is the non-stable utility & governance token of the Blindex protocol. It is meant to be volatile, serving as a "shock absorber", holds governance voting rights and has an inherent utility on the platform. Its usage includes adding and adjusting collateral pools, adjusting various fees (like Minting or Redeeming), and refreshing the rate of the collateral ratio.

The other tokens are commonly known as BD-Stables and are based on their pegged asset. The specific BD-Stable token naming convention changed over time. We started as "BD + country code" (e.g. BDUS for the USD stablecoin and BDEU for the European Union Euro), and then the convention changed to "b + peg symbol" (e.g. bGBP for Great British Pound stablecoin or bXAU for gold stablecoin). We will be gradually releasing a few major assets (bXAG, bAUD, bCHF, bCAD, bJPY, etc) and adding more stables based on community feedback.

Go to Contract Addresses to see the list of supported tokens and their addresses

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