Meet The Team

Transparency is key.
Hello Andrey Shirben ✌️
In addition to his strong roots in the “traditional world” (investing in over 150 early-stage startups, helping entrepreneurs build billion $ companies, being the chairman of a publicly listed company and a founding partner of 3 VC funds, among other things), Andrey’s passion for alternative financial systems started back in 2013 when he took his first steps into the blockchain journey.
Since then he has been VERY busy – investing in an average of 10 projects a month, creating investment & trading strategies, founding Gravity Capital (blockchain and crypto fund), Follow[the]Seed (an evergreen crypto investment company), he's an early investor in Efficient Frontier (one of the largest Market Makers in the crypto world), advising selected projects and much more.
Hi Omer Paz 🖖
Omer is an all-around business leader.
Bringing vast experience in the financial space, previously the COO of PayKey (a Fintech startup that works with Banks all over the globe): He led and built many aspects including sales, finance, marketing, and A to Z product strategy.
Being active in the crypto space since 2017, mostly as an early investor in projects.
Hola Or Kazaz 🤟
Kazaz is an experienced strategic leader.
Bringing in-depth experience in development, product, and business as the Director of Product & Engineering at Autodesk: making products a reality while driving strategic innovation with a wide range of business partners.
Has passion for running nodes to help the crypto space grow, and an early investor in the space since 2016.
Aloha Tom Keidar 👋
Tom is an engineer and tech lead with extensive experience in the tech space, leading and building teams and projects in various companies from pre-seed startups to large cooperates mainly in crypto/blockchain space and cyber-security.
Tom is writing smart contracts since 2017 and is active and investing in crypto since then.