Blindex strives to be as decentralized as it gets. In order to do this, we need to make sure we have a well-functioning DAO that can make meaningful decisions to serve the Blindex community, without personal interests.

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DAO - Phase 1

Voting power

We're starting Blindex's DAO at phase 1. During this phase, your voting power is just as simple as 1 BDX in your wallet = 1 voting power. That's it. Phase 2 will be a bit more sophisticated to consider how long you're holding your BDX. We want to provide more voting power to the community members here in the long run.

Blindex uses Snapshot to facilitate all of its proposals.


We wouldn't want someone to buy a lot of BDX, vote on a proposal, and get rid of their BDX right away. Until phase 2 arrives, which solves that problem, the governance tool will be used for small decisions - no life-changing proposals just yet. In addition, during phase 1, only Blindex's core contributors could raise proposals. The core contributors are available via Blindex's social channels, so please bring any subject you wish to propose to their attention.

We're actively working on phase 2; stay tuned ;)

Why start with phase 1?

We still want to start building Blindex's DAO as soon as possible, and that is why we're going through phase 1 first. There is a lot to learn as a community, so we would like to start realizing that as fast as possible and show the community where things are going.

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